Seven Leaves is a premium botanical alternative wellness company that provides insight and education on professional CBD products. 

  Seven Leaves has a long term focus where customer interest and product quality come first.  We strive to provide the best in class product and people working together to bring you holistic healthy healing options.   

We have many reports from consumers that our oil is more effective than other CBD oils. We believe this is due to our unique solvent free extraction process and the synergistic effect of the nutrient rich CBD distillate, terpenes and other compounds found in our full spectrum industrial hemp oils.


Oils & Salves

  • Stronger effects

Ultra-pure, activated cannabis extract that tastes better and has stronger effects than oil produced with other extraction processes.

  • Naturally-extracted

Natural extraction without the use of harmful solvents or other adulterants - only heated air contacts the plant material.

  • Terpene-rich

Whole flower extract that includes beneficial plant terpenes while leaving chlorophylls and bitter flavors behind

Flash Activated in seconds, instead of minutes or hours - preserving  beneficial terpenes and other delicate flavors.


Feel the Difference


Premium GMO and pesticide free Hemp Grown in Pueblo County Colorado.

Solvent free, extracted naturally with heated air.

  • pure

  • potent

  • unique



Vaporized Distillate

Our CBD products are made using a revolutionary thermal extraction process developed in Boulder, Colorado.


The Vapor Distillation process uses heated air and a proprietary condensation method to selectively vaporize and distill the active compounds of the cannabis plant. The result is an ultra-pure, solvent free activated oil that is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.

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